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Maintain muscle during the quarantine

You have been working out for months/years and you have gained a decent amount of hard-earned muscles. But now in this unfortunate corona situation, you are not able to access the gym and you are afraid of losing all your gains. But don’t panic let me ride you around some points for you to keep in mind in order to maintain muscle during the quarantine.

If not maintain, we can atleast try to minimize our muscle loss.

Something is better than nothing.

For some of you this might even help you to gain muscles.

Proteins for muscle during quarantine.

I know the workout is your main concern at this moment. But take it easy I am gonna cover that aspect below as I have tried to put this in a priority-based sequence. yes, you read it right ‘sufficient proteins’ holds more priority than the ‘workout’.

70% Diet and 30% Workout

So the first thing you gotta make sure is that you consume your daily goal amount of proteins.

For those of you who don’t know

Daily protein intake in grams = Your bodyweight in pounds.

For example, A man who weighs 200lbs should consider consuming 200 grams of protein per day to gain or maintain muscles.

Now if you are a supplement consumer ( like most of the people ) then the protein intake part of this article is relatively easier for you provided that you have already stacked up your supplements prior to the lockdown.

Whey supplement during quarantine

And if you are not ‘the supplement guy’ or you have ran out of supplements then you can always rely on whole food for protein.

Foods listed below provide a lot of proteins despite their quantity and price and also they are available almost everywhere even during the lockdown.

  • Eggs ( Cheap and protein-dense )
  • Chicken breasts / Meat (Protein dense than any other whole-food)
  • Milk ( For casein type of protein)
Protein rich foods during lockdown

These 3 food options are more than enough for most of you to hit your daily protein count if you set right amount of quantity for each.


  1. Eat chicken/meat meal around your workout time i.e pre or post-workout as this food contains little to none fats and they will provide immediate protein to your body as needed after a workout.
  2. Try to eat eggs in a time slot that’s 2-3 hours away from your workout time as egg-yolk contains fat and you might wanna have to eat whole eggs to hit the daily protein mark.
  3. Drink milk most preferably before you sleep because it contains casein protein which is slow digesting and it will ensure that your body gets a uniform and continuous protein supply throughout your sleep.

Even after trying all of these protein tips if you are still not being able to hit your protein mark. Don’t worry because getting anywhere near that mark is equally important, you don’t have to reach the exact number. Coz obviously Muscles don’t understand numbers.

Workout to maintain muscle during quarantine.

Here’s the part for what y’all been waiting for.

Almost every muscle can be targetted by home workout or body-weight workout you just have to find the right exercises that do the work.

I have done that work for you and I have mentioned the exercises that I myself do during the quarantine.

If you think that push-ups and all are not gonna help your muscles because your muscles are used to lifting heavy weights and bodyweight exercises aren’t intense enough for you then you are wrong.

During quarantine, you might not get to do heavy-weight exercises but you always have the option to intensify your workouts by increasing the repetitions or sets of the particular exercise.

Less weight + more reps = cut and More weight + less reps = bulk

This is all bullshit because our muscles do not understand the numbers or weight that we are lifting all it cares is the intensity. And adding reps will add intensity.

My workout during the quarantine.

Note: Fortunately I have 2 dumbbells with me if you don’t have any dumbbells don’t worry, filled water containers, bricks, bags will do the work.

Day 1 : Chest and Shoulders

I usually prefer performing supersets with minimum rest.

  • Flat push-ups (with weight bag (optional)) superset Military press.
  • Decline pushups superset Front raises.
  • Incline pushups superset Side raises.
  • Flat dumbbell flyes superset Bent-over rear delt flyes
  • Single-arm shrugs using literally any heavy object I find.
push-ups during quarantine

Day 2 : Back and biceps

  • Pullups ( i dont have a pull-up bar so i have to my ceiling and do pull-ups).
  • Bicep curls
  • Bent-over rowing with dumbbells
  • Hammer curls.
  • Pull-ups
  • Concentration curls.

Day 3 : Triceps and Legs

  • Diamond pushups
  • Squats ( nearly 50 reps each set).
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Lunges
  • Tricep plank push-ups
  • Calve raises
  • Tricep dips using a chair
  • Tricep kickbacks
Home workout for quarantine

Day 4: Abs

Check my best abs workout routine here.

Carbs for muscle maintenance.

Carbs are also superimportant for muscles. But during lockdown situation we can compromise on carbs for some extent.

For those of you who have complete availability of carbs, you have to lower your carbs intake. Because during quarantine, Workout is the only part of our day where we are going to spend most of our energy. The rest of the day is going to be sedentary. So going easy on carbs is a better option.

Number wise, half of your maitainance calories should come from carbs.

For example:

If your maintenance calories are 2800, then you should consume 1400 cals of carbs or a little less than that. Eating more than that will only make you gain fat.

If carbs availability is the problem, eat as many carbs as you can get your hands on (don’t exceed your maintenance carbs level).


If you do every above step carefully, but if your carbs intake is low, your muscle size might shrink but don’t panic its not the muscle loss. It is just the glycogen depletion.

You will gain that size back within 1-2days when you’ll start your carbs loading again.

So a bit lower carbs intake than usual for a few weeks is acceptable ( It might even help you lose fat, if your workout is intense enough )


  • For beginners (1-6 months of gym training): These steps won’t just help you maintain your muscles but it might also help you gain more muscles.
  • For others, this will surely help you maintain your muscles if done right.
  • And in an unfortunate case if you somehow screw something up and you lose some muscles, stay calm we still have muscle memory for the rescue.

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