It doesn’t matter if you’re an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. If you wanna lose weight(fat) fast with the proper knowledge you’re at the right place. I’ll take you through every detailed step you need to follow to lose that stubborn ugly looking fat.

We’ll discuss the complete fat loss program in 3 parts:

  • DIET



This is the toughest and most effective part of losing weight or building muscles.

This is gonna look tough, but trust me once you master it, you’ll find it so easy to lose weight.

You need to find your maintenance calories first. These are the number of calories you need to eat daily to maintain your current weight. And now to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit i.e you need to consume 300-400cals less than your maintenance calories every day.

Now you don’t need to do all that math because has developed a helpful calorie calculator which will help you find the exact amount of calories you need to consume to lose weight or build muscles. Click here to go to’s calorie calculator.

Now you’ve found the right amount of calories you have to eat to lose fat. Now let’s calculate the macros.

For example: Assume that you need to eat 2000cals every day to lose fat.
These calories consist of 3 main macro-nutrients


You should consume at least 1 gram protein per pound of your bodyweight. i.e if you weigh 150lbs you should eat 150grams of proteins every day. Eating this many proteins will make sure that you retain your muscle mass.
1 gram protein = 4cals
So 4 times 150 = 600. Hence 600cals out of 2000cals should come from proteins.


50% of your daily calories should be carbs.
50% of 2000 is 1000 i.e 1000cals out of 2000cals should come from carbs.
1 gram carb = 4cals
So 1000 divided by 4 = 250grams. Hence you should consume around 250grams (1000cals ) of carbs every day.


Remaining all calories should come from fats.
i.e 2000-(600+1000)=400
Hence 400cals should come from fats.
Now 1 grams fat = 9 calories.
So 400 divided by 9 = 45 . Therefore you should consume around 45 grams of fat every day.

From these numbers, you can easily design your own weight loss diet chart.


Fitness Kettlebell Gym Equipment Workout

You should focus more on retaining muscles than losing fat. Also more muscles = more metabolism = more fat loss.

To retain as much as muscle possible and to lose fat, you need to design your workout which consists of weight training and cardio.

Weight training

If you were on a bulk before try to lift as much weight as you used to when you were bulking.

If you are a beginner, try to lift as heavy as possible in the beginning and try sticking to those weights throughout your cut(fat loss) program.


Adult Sleeping Male Man Sleep Young Deep

Sleep is equally important in a fat loss program. As you are cutting most of your calories from carbs, you won’t have sufficient energy and your muscle recovery will also suck a bit.

Sleep will help you a lot in this scenario. Sleeping on time will also boost your testosterone levels and keep your metabolism elevated which will help you lose fat faster.

Try to sleep nearly 7 hrs every day on time.


  1. Focus on consuming complex carbs rather than simple carbs.
  2. Eat most of the carbs before and after your workout.
  3. Eat at least 30grams of proteins within 30mins after the workout.
  4. Do not take a deficit of more than 500cals. Doing this will definitely make you lose weight faster but will also make you weak and will result in muscle loss, which is the last thing you would want to happen.
  5. Whenever you feel that you’ve hit a plateau(won’t lose weight anymore ), then you should cut down more 100-200cals. If you keep doing this and if you reach a point where you have to eat so less that you feel starved and dull throughout the day, then you can increase your calories a bit and compensate that by doing more cardio.
    Doing some enjoyable activities like swimming, dancing, kickboxing, etc. instead of boring cardio will be easier and interesting.


  1. Focus on maintaining your strength.
  2. Eat in a slight caloric deficit.
  3. Sleep sufficient.

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