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Doesn’t matter if you’re a hard gainer (ectomorph), mesomorph or endomorph. If you wanna build muscle fast with the right knowledge you’re at the right place. I’ll take you through every detailed step you need to follow to build those big, sexy and valuable muscles. If you want to lose weight then click here.



To build muscles you’ve to focus on increasing your strength. Now let’s see how can we do that.

Most of the contribution for increasing strength and hence building muscle fast is gonna come from dieting, which we’ll cover in the next point below. Lets first clear the workout part for building strength.

I recommend you to follow basic Push-Pull-Legs-Push-Pull-Cardio workout. That means

Day 1: Push exercises ( Chest-Shoulders or Chest-Tricep or Shoulder-Triceps)
Day 2: Pull exercises ( Back-Biceps )
Day 3: Complete Legs workout
Day 4: Again Push
Day 5: Again Pull
Day 6: Cardio (Cardio sounds boring but healthy heart and good stamina is damn important too) Doing abs for 15mins and then Cardio for another 15mins on this day will work just fine.

Now you know what workout you need to hit in the gym. But just doing these workouts ain’t gonna make you strong, you also have to focus on hypertrophy during your workouts. HYPERTROPHY sounds pretty fancy and difficult right, but don’t panic it’s so simple.

Focusing on hypertrophy means every time you do an exercise, you should focus on either increasing the weight you lift or increasing the repetitions. Or you can also increase the sets. Doing this will force your body to adapt for heavier weights and hence your muscles will grow bigger and stronger.

Click for the list of 10 best exercises for building muscle faster.



This is the toughest and most effective part of building muscles.

This is gonna look tough, but trust me once you master it, you’ll find it so easy to build muscles.

You need to find your maintenance calories first. These are the number of calories you need to eat daily in order to maintain your current weight.

So now to build muscles you need to be in a caloric surplus i.e you need to consume 300-400cals more than your maintenance calories every day.

Now you don’t need to do all that math because has developed a helpful calorie calculator which will help you find the exact amount of calories you need to consume to build muscle fast. Click here to go to the calculator.

Now you’ve found just the amount of calories you have to eat to build muscles.

For example: Assume that you need to eat 2500cals every day to build muscles.
These calories consist of 3 main macro-nutrients


You should consume1 gram protein per pound of your bodyweight. i.e if you weigh 150lbs you should eat 150grams of proteins every day.
1 gram protein = 4cals.
So 4 times 150 = 600. Hence 600cals out of 2500cals should come from proteins.

50% of your daily calories should be carbs.
50% of 2500 is 1250 i.e 1250cals out off 2500cals should come from carbs.
1 gram carb = 4cals
So 1250 divided by 4 = 312grams. Hence you should consume 312grams (1250cals ) of carbs every day.

Remaining all calories should come from fats.
i.e 2500-600+1250=650
Hence 650cals should come from fats.
Now 1 grams fat = 9 calories.
So 650 divided by 9 = 72 . Therefore you should consume around 72 grams of fats every day.


How to build muscle fast-Sleep

This is the most enjoying and easiest part of building muscle.
You need to give your body a lot of sleep to build muscle. This is when your muscles get repaired and are built.
Try to sleep for 7 hrs every day.


  • Focus on consuming complex carbs rather than simple carbs.
  • Eat most of the carbs before and after your workout.
  • Eat at least 30grams of proteins within a half hour after the workout.
  • Do not take a surplus of more than 500cals. Doing this will definitely build muscles faster but will also make you fat, which is the last thing you would want to happen.


  1. Focus on Hypertrophy.
  2. Eat in a slight caloric surplus.
  3. Sleep sufficient.

What’s your technique for building muscle? Comment below.

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