My name is Nachiket Kolte and I’m a 19 y.o fitness blogger. I have more than 3 years of experience in the fitness field.

I’m also an engineering student.

Nachiket kolte- Trandformation
Nachiket Kolte


I was a super skinny guy in my school days. I’ve also been body shamed a lot that I started hating myself.
I was a football freak. Playing a lot of football did make me fit and agile but was still skinny. Unfortunately, in May 2014, I met with a major accident and broke my femur bone(thigh bone). I struggled to even walk. Hence I had to stop playing football. This made me skinny-fat(worst body type). It made me lose self-confidence and I felt so weak. 2 years I faced a lot of problems being weak.
I decided to do something about it. I watched a few body transformation videos on youtube and got motivated.

Then I started my fitness journey(June 2016). I used to wake up every morning and do some workout. I had no knowledge about training and diet, but I still managed to gain 5-6kgs of clean muscles in the first 3 months (Newbie gains). I started feeling strong and confident. My friends and family noticed the change and appreciated me.

This motivated me and I kept pushing. Working out became my new addiction.
I started loving workouts but I had no knowledge. I learned every day from my mistakes and failures. This trial and error made me gain a lot of knowledge about training and dieting in the first 2 years of my fitness journey, where I transformed myself from a 48kg skinny guy to a 72kg fitness athlete.
I created this website because I see blogging as the easiest way to assist people with the knowledge that’ll help them to avoid the mistakes that I made and will help them achieve their goals faster.

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