FAQ Group: pull vs chin

Do Pull ups make you stronger?

Absolutely yes.Not just pull-ups but every other body-weight exercises are the best strength builders. In fact, for Kids to whom hitting the gym is a big deal, they can always rely on body-weight exercises to build strength.

How many Pull ups can an average man do?

Any average men should manage to hit 7-8 reps of pull ups with acceptable form. Those who can do 10-15 reps are considered as fit and those who can manage more than 15 reps are considered as Strong.

Can we do pull ups and chin ups on the same day?

Yes, It is just perfect to do pull ups and chin ups on the same day. Both these exercises work the same muscles it’s just the emphasis that is different. So it is ideal to perform them on the same day.

Is doing pull ups everyday bad?

Yes, Your muscles need rest in order to grow. Rest is as important as diet and workout. Doing pull ups every day will lead to over-training and will kill your gains.At most, you can do pull ups every alternate day.

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