10 exercises for muscles


Want to pack on some serious muscle mass and looking for best exercises for building muscle? then you’re at the right place.

Exercises listed below are proved to be the best exercises for building muscle, keeping in consideration that your diet is on point and balanced so that your body gets sufficient nutrients. Consider adding all of these exercises in your workout routine to grow muscle.


10 exercises for muscles-deadlifts

This exercise has a special spot in my heart. This is by far the best exercise for increasing the overall strength and hence for building muscle.

This exercise is famous for working back muscles and leg muscles, it also has a lot of benefits as listed below

  1. Develops your core strength.
  2. Deadlifts not only target back muscles and leg muscles but all the muscles in your body.
  3. Boosts the testosterone.
  4. Improves performance in almost all kinds of sports.

Well, you need to focus on your form before doing heavy ass deadlifts, because doing this exercise with the wrong form can injure your spinal cord severely.


10 exercises for muscles-BENCH PRESS

This exercise primarily focuses on pectoral muscles(chest). There is no chest workout program that doesn’t contain bench press or dumbell press.

Bench presses can be done in 3 variations:

  1. Inclined bench presses: Works the upper chest muscles.
  2. Flat bench presses: Works the overall chest partially.
  3. Declined bench presses: Works the lower chest muscles

Deltoids(shoulders) and Triceps are the secondary muscle used while bench pressing.


10 exercises for muscles-WEIGHTED SQUATS

Most of us don’t like doing squat, but the way squat impacts on the stubborn muscles like glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps is just mindblowing.

Squats will also strengthen the core muscles. You won’t need to train your abs if your workout consists of regular deadlifts and squats.


10 exercises for muscles-BARBELL ROWS

Barbell row is the best exercise for building the thickness of your back muscles. This exercise contributes to more than 50% of the upper body strength and hence barbell rows can also be done with the intention to correct the body posture.


10 exercises for muscles-LATS PULLDOWN
Photo by FitNish Media on Unsplash

Well, lats pulldown also targets the back muscles but unlike barbell rows this exercise targets more on building the wideness of the back and less on the thickness.

And also this is a go-to exercise for getting that aesthetic V-taper look. The reason why this is the only machine exercise that made into the list of best exercises for building muscles compared to all other free weight exercises.


10 exercises for muscles-SHRUGS
Staff Sgt. Perry Davis, a Postal Clerk with the 18th Communication Squadron, works out his upper and middle trapezius, or traps, by performing a barbell shrug. Weightlifting is a great anaerobic activity which improves speed and muscle strength. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Christopher Hummel)

Easiest exercise among all and yet the best for building those stunning traps. The range of motion for this exercise is small, which makes doing this exercise super easy and also reduces the chances of going wrong with the form.

Try doing shrugs with the heavier weights twice a week and you’ll see your traps growing in no time.


10 exercises for muscles-OVERHEAD PRESSES

This is a tough movement exercise because it requires good balancing and back strength but is best for adding appreciable size and roundness to your shoulders.

To be safe, start with seated dumbell overhead press first then slowly move towards barbell overhead press and then the standing barbell overhead press.


10 exercises for muscles-SKULL CRUSHERS

Skull crushers are so underrated, maybe because of how complex they are to perform. This exercise targets the triceps. There are so many chances of going wrong with the form while attempting this exercise. Hence care should be taken to perform this exercise with the proper form to maximize the target on the triceps.


10 exercises for muscles-BICEP CURLS

A favorite exercise of almost everyone. It doesn’t matter if its dumbell curls or straight bar curls or EZ bar curls, all are the same.

This exercise can be done in variations to hit different portions of biceps:

Wide grip: Targets short(inner) head of the biceps and hence makes the arm look thicker when seen from the front.

Normal grip: Targets both inner and outer head of the biceps partially.

Close grip: Targets the outer head of the biceps and hence will improve the peak of the biceps


10 exercises for muscles-TRICEPS DIPS

This exercise targets triceps and the lower chest. It can be done in two variations.

  1. Wide grip: For lower chest.
  2. Close grip: For triceps.

Dips improve the roundness of the pectoral muscle. This exercise can also be done using a bench.


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